From nuclear conversion:
energy of peace and sustainable development

Brussels, 25 July 2008

European Commission

Dear Mr. Rotunno,

Thank you for the letter of 9 June 2008, by which you contribute to the ongoing energy policy debate, on the outcome of the International Symposium “From nuclear conversion: energy of peace and sustainable development” to the Commissionaire Piebalgs, who has asked me to reply to it. Your information has been received with interest and has been transmitted to the relevant colleagues. The importance attributed by the Commission to a sustainable European energy supply is shown the recently adopted package of measures to establish a new Energy Policy for Europe. The Commission recognizes the role of nuclear energy as an important component of the EU energy mix. There is a need for an open debate amongst all relevant actors on all aspects of nuclear energy in Europe, including related financing concepts. The Commission follows therefore with high interest all initiatives, such as the International Symposium, which contributes to this process. To enhance the openness of the discussion, the Commission initiated the European Nuclear Energy Forum which underlines that there is now a renewed and growing interest in nuclear energy. However, it remains each Member State’s choice whether to utilise nuclear energy or not.

S. Tsalas
Directeur f.f
Peter Faross